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Natural Landscape Minnesota
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Natural Stone Fairy Houses
About Our Fairy Garden Homes

Stone Fairy Garden Home: Double Hinge Garden Cottage.jpg
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The Stone 
     Each fairy house and gnome home are made from 100% natural weathered limestone.  The holes are circular and 3" in diameter.Depending on the depth of the individual stone, they are core-drilled at least 2 inches deep behind the door. 

     Because these whimsical stone fairy garden houses are natural stone, they may have markings, variations in color, and other imperfections such as cracks or chips.  We do not shape them or work on their appearance-everything is natural which adds to the character of the home they become. Some stones may have tracings of lichens or moss on them which may be rejuvinated with a little care.  See our "How to Grow Moss" section below.

The Doors
     We use reclaimed, weathered redwood or white cedar to make the the little doors.  The shape of doors vary for each stone.  We then cut around the hole in order for the custom door to fit nicely into the stone. 
     The doors are attached with small brass hinges (one or two) and adorned with a miniature brass knob.

Stone Fairy Garden House: Singe Hinge Garden Cottage.jpg
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Stone Fairy Garden House: Hinge.jpg
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Stone Fairy Garden House: Knob.jpg
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Types of Houses to Choose From:
     We have divided our natural stone fairy and gnome houses into four categories depending on size and characteristics:  Garden Cottages, Double-Door Villas, Fairy Castles and our Hideaway Homes whch have either cracks or holes in the cavity for a special "escape" route! 

Weather, Care,  & Placement
     Our fairy or gnome homes may be left outside in the elements.  With occasional lubrication to the hinges, they are meant to weather naturally and be enjoyed year round and in all climates.  These natural stone homes are not cut flat on bottom, and each one sits uniquely.  They may need to be levelled or stabilized with dirt or mulch in the garden to position them just as you would like.

     For questions, please e-mail us at info@naturallandscapemn.com or call us at 1-877-458-2304  or in Minnesota call 651-453-9101.   

Aging your Fairy or Gnome Garden House:  How to Grow Moss 

To add the "look of eternity" to your natural stone fairy or gnome home, you may want to try your hand at growing moss.  Although there are many recipes for growing moss, here is one you can try:

Collect a handful of moss, shaking off as much dirt as possible in the process.  Add the moss to a blender along with a half teaspoon of sugar and one cup of buttermilk, beer, or yogurt.  Blend the moss mixture until it is just combined, and the moss has been broken up.  Spread the mixture where you want the moss to grow on the stone and set somewhere cool, shady and damp.  If you want a moss mixture which is more like paint, add a small amount of clay.  Moss should usually emerge within a few weeks. 



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